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ReLED - Led lights in Russia, online shop

The usage of LED light devices is an up-to-date market trend nowadays. The advantages of LED lights in comparison to traditional lights are the following:

  • so far LED lights are the safest, the most reliable and environment friendly devices with long life time;
  • high efficiency of electricity converting into light energy, which reduces energy consumption.


ReLED mission is “LED devices at fair prices”

Developing and distributing of high-performance yet available LED devices throughout European countries, such as France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, is the main goal of ReLED.

Our engineers provide the highest quality for reasonable wholesale and retail prices with the help of the following solutions:

  • the maximum possible light flux from one LED device;
  • increase of Lumen/dollar index by means of the most effective LEDs usage and final costs;
  • increase of light output ratio, defining light flux perception by a human eye;
  • products alignment;
  • simple and functional design.

We aim at providing LED light devices at reasonable prices with additional warranty for a period equal to their payback time.

LED bulkhead lights

  • By using LED bulkhead lights instead of traditional incandescent and high-intensity mercury-vapor and HPS lamps you will decrease the energy consumption by several times.
  • LED bulkhead lights are stable at severe frost.
  • Evening and night lighting can be automatically faded by reducing the supply voltage.
  • LED bulkhead lights use 0,7-1,1A voltage, reducing wire loss without network overloading at switching on.
  • Using LED bulkhead lights with acoustic sensors you will sufficiently increase the economic benefit of LED lights mounting in housing facilities.

We offer you to order and buy in Russia LED light devices which will significantly reduce your utility charges.

LED high bay lights

Buying LED light devices for reasonable prices, manufacturing units can arrange proper lighting of workshops, warehouses and premises. By purchasing of a LED high bay light with 50 thousand hours life time you will significantly reduce your business costs.

LED high bay lights have the following advantages:

  • they meet the tough requirements on mechanical durability and vibration resistance;
  • non-limited quantity of switching on and off;
  • instant start, without warming up;
  • they can be used in an integrated lighting project aimed at maximum reduction of energy consumption;
  • light flux ripple factor is less than 1%, which is important for lighting of manufacturing facilities with rotary mechanisms.


LED ceiling lights

  • LED ceiling lights are essential in stores as prerequisites of business efficiency. Constant high-quality LED lighting is necessary for orthochromatic reproduction of the goods, so the high-quality lighting of your store is your main account cost. Embedded-mounted and surface-mounted LED ceiling lights have constant light flux which will not decrease during the light life time.
  • Used in offices, LED ceiling lights provide soft comfortable light without straining your eyes. You will get rid of buzzing and flickering of fluorescent lamps, increasing your employees’ working capacity and focusing. Office LED ceiling lights provide fine contrast ratio, definition and color reproduction.


The world chooses LED lights – join us and start saving your money with ReLED! 

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